Jan 202009

Here is a video of the Hannah Montana theme song played in reverse.

There are two parts to look out for – one where she is claimed to say “Here’s to my sweet satan” and another at 0.45 seconds, right near the end of the video. This caused controversy all around the internet recently as it was claimed that she says “I’m a s**t”. But again here is the video – you be the judge:

All we know is that we wouldn’t want our kids exposed to artists that use such means to promote some ideas subliminally.

Do you still let your children watch Hannah Montana?

Check out the rest of the subliminal videos found in various TV shows.


  1. Jesse says:

    O My Gosh I heard it!!! But when do u hear sweet satan?

  2. Kayliee says:

    They DON’t write sons backwards! That would be like IMPOSSIBLE to write a song backwards that actually makes sense forward ! Plus, Miley Cyrus is a christian! Read her book, It’s really good 🙂